Sunday, June 25, 2017

Weekend's Rides: 6/24 & 6/25 - Not quite so hot

Another great weekend. This weekend we had both our Saturday and Sunday rides head out!

Saturday's Ride: The Saturday ride met bright and early at O'Neill's at 6 am.  It was a brutal week, with a heat wave parking itself over ABQ and slowly sizzling us with a few days in a row of 100+ degree temperatures.  But by Friday, the heat wave had broken, and we all gathered in the cool morning for a quick ride around the city, taking the inner city loop (route here).

There were 14 of us that headed out: David, Andrew, Olga, Evil Gary, Matt H., Becky, Dennis, Rhea, Tina, Ryan E (nickname needed!), John, Celeste, Brian, and Gordie.  El Jefe caught up with us half way and finished out the ride.  Overall a good ride, a good way to stretch our legs and get a little mileage in.  Didn't get any group photo this week (bad captain!), but I did get a good team picture of everyones shadow!

A picture of all our shadows waiting for the light on Rio Bravo.

Sunday's Ride: Sundays ride left a bit later and featured quite a few repeat riders from Saturday.  Ryan E., Brian, Celeste, Blythe, Bobbie(sp), Rhea, Bex, and Evil Gary headed out for a quick out an back to Balloon Fiesta Park.  Another cool morning and a bunch of balloons launching along the way.
From Balloon Fiesta Park, two riders wanted more mileage and headed off for more fun and the rest of us headed back.  Half the back got distracted by the smells coming from the Waffleria and opted to stop for breakfast and the rest of us broke off for home.  A beautiful inaugural Sunday ride and, for some of us, first ride of the season.  Looking forward to more fun Sundays!

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