Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bike MS150 2014!

It was a great ride this year.  We had 19 riders head out on Saturday of the ride, and 16 on Sunday. For every rider, there is story on what brought that person here to this ride.  Some ride for friends and family afflicted with MS, others ride despite having MS, and others ride purely for the joy of riding and the camaraderie of our fantastic team.  Another Bike MS 150 in the history books!

2014 by the Numbers

As always it was a great training season and wonderful ride!  It was a great team this year - small, dedicated, and all friends.  This year's breakdown:

25 total teammates (smaller than years past but more dedicated!)
19 riders who have done the ride >2 years
2 riders who have done the ride >4 years!
$1020 raised at team fundraising events to fight MS!
Training season:
0 - number of bike free weekends since June 28 (team wide)
4 - number of new bikes ridden at the ride
2 - Breakfasts at Serafin's Chili Hut post Saturday ride 
15 - days of training rides
4518 - Miles of training (team wide)
At the MS Ride 2014:
19 - riders Day 1
16 - riders Day 2
13 - riders to completed the Century ride Day 1!
16 - riders to make it to Puye Cliffs on Day 2
17 - riders in Penultimate jerseys
2730 miles rode a the MS150 (team wide)
9 top fundraisers

$19,257 (and counting) raised by the Penultimates!

$211,508 (and counting) raised to fight MS at the Pedal los Pueblos 2013!