Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend's Ride: 8/22 - The long, high road to Santa Fe!

My favorite ride of the year is finally year here!  The last long difficult training ride of the year - a 70 mile ride with over 4500' of elevation gain - and also wonderful team building ride (route here). Several riders met at the Journal Center Railrunner parking lot in the full dark of 5:40 am.  They then slowly and carefully made their way the 10 miles to meet up with other riders at O'Neill's at 6:30 am.  From there we all rode along the southern edge of the city to the final rally point to pick up additional riders at the Tramway Smiths.  There were 10 of us riding today - Eric, Laura, John, Evil Gary, Good Gary, Danielle, Craig, Greg, Olga, and Captain Snookums - plus Calvin who was riding out to Tijeras with us.
The hard part of the ride is the first 20 miles, where you slowly pedal from ABQ up to the Triangle - a 20 mile ride with 1800' of constant climbing.  Spirits were high though as we slowly made our way through the canyon. We were blessed with beautiful cool weather after yesterdays rains (the high of the day was ~84 deg). At the first rally point we all stopped to refill water bottles and eat. We were also surprised by Jeff, who materialized suddenly at the rally point.  Jeff kept his record of showing up unannounced and unexpected on 3 of 3 rides this year.
Yeah, it is this gorgeous
From this point, we had the first downhill leg of the trip - doing a quick 5 leg keeping a brisk pace of ~22 mph for most to the way.  The next 20 miles were a series of rolling ups and downs, gaining back all the elevation we lost in the last 5 miles.  Three riders peeled off to do the infamous Heart Break Hill (Jeff, Eric, and Evil Gary) - a short 2 mile ride with extreme grades in excess of 15%. 
Everyone reconvened at Madrid at 45 miles.  This is always a great stop at the general store with is stocked with all sort of goodies, including my favorite - ice cream!  By my count at least 4 people got some sort of frozen goodie.  As we all know, calories don't count when you are biking!
Pace line heading out of Madrid - Eric looks happy!
The last 15 miles into Santa Fe was a slow climb out of the Madrid valley back.  Compared to last year, this leg of the ride was almost pleasant.  It was relatively cool, and a wind which seemed to be circling, sometimes opposing us but it mostly felt as if it was speeding us on our way.  We rolled into El Parasol, on the sourthern edge of Santa Fe around 12:30, a total ride time of about 4:30.  We all stuffed our selves silly with great New Mexican food.  After a slight rest we then biked over to the Santa Fe Brewing Tasting Room to have a well earned beer.
The best lunch of the year!
From here it was a quick ride over to the Rail Runner stop to catch the 3:48 train back to ABQ.  We were a little surprised when we saw the train approaching from the south.  They were running about an hour late, and a bike sympathetic conductor encouraged all of us to get on here, ride north into Santa Fe before returning back to ABQ.  Good advice - as Spanish Market was today so the southbound train was very, very full.
Not sure why I appear to be embarrassed by my teammates.
After the train ride home, most people were done with their rides and walked over to parked cars before heading home.  Three of us still had ride though, 2 of us heading 10 miles into Nob Hill and John heading onto the Heights.  Olga and I rolled into the parking lot of O'Neill's around 6:30 or so, a full 12 hours after we left.  Quite the adventure, and as always I look forward to our ride next year!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend's Ride 8/16: Out and Up

Well folks, it is that time in the season where we are in the last stretch before the big event.  Our third to last training ride would take us north through the Rio Grande Valley before heading East at Bernallilo and up and out toward Placitas (route here).  We headed out from O'Neill's at a surprisingly dark 6 am with 7 riders - Good Gary, Evil Gary, Olga, Brady, Danielle, Andrew, and David - to pick up an additional 4 along the route - Stacy, John, Calvin (yeah!), and Greg.

We all met up by the top of the Diversion Channel, and from there we headed out to Bernallilo.  It was a nice cool morning and the valley was incredibly green from all the rain over the last few weeks.  A peleton of 5 riders headed north, while 4 of us tried to locate a wayward cyclist that got seperated from the flock.  After some discussion (and realizing we didn't have their number) we headed north to catch everyone else at the first rally point at 20 miles.  After some quick refreshment we were just getting ready to head out when the missing cyclist met us at the rally point.  Huzzah!
From here it was another 10 miles out and up through Placitas and up to the end of the paved road - a total of about 1200' of climbing. The only thing major to report from this leg was there was a bike shaped blur that passed everyone screaming words of encouragment on the uphill, then again on the way back down. Various reports indicate it was indeed a human rider, and several people  swear it was a rider that looked an awful lot like Matt Eichenfield, but due to the doppler shift no one was certain.
Approaching the end of the road - everyone, of course, is doing pushups
At the top we all enjoyed the cool mountain air and ate more snacks, while several crazy people did two rounds of pushup.  From this point, the fun began a long 10 mile descent into the valley along fairly quiet and well maintained roads.  We rallied again in Bernallilo and managed to get trapped by Rodeo Day Parade - which was fine, we got to watch horses, boy scouts, bicycles, and floats pass by while we ate and drank.
Trapped by a parade!
From there we headed out on the last 20 mile segment of the ride - a fun and fast 20 miles.  Cruising south out of Bernallilo we kept a very brisk 20-22 mph pace line for most of first 8 miles.  Four people peeled off heading east up Tramway (Greg, Danielle, Brady, and Calvin) while the rest of us headed south onto the diversion channel and all the way back to Nob Hill.  Just before UNM we were caught by Jeff (Mr. Miyagi) who cycled with us the rest of the way and joined a few of us for breakfast at Serafins.  Another great ride in the history books.
Cruising back to ABQ

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Paired Scotch Dinner - August 26th 6 pm

Join us for a fundraiser of a gourmet dinner paired with Scotch hosted by Two Fools on Tuesday, August 26th at 6 pm.

Two options for the meal:
 $100 Tasting Ticket - for the full tasting dinner
 $60 Foodie Ticket - for the dinner but no scotch!

Tickets are very limited so contact us now to reserve yours. (All tickets must be purchased before the dinner so don't delay!) This fundraiser helps us raise money for the National MS Society as we ride in the 2014 Pedal Los Pueblos Bike MS150.

Here are the details from last years event.  The menu will be different this year, but in the same vein.  This will be updated as soon as we find out:

Course One
Whiskey Dipped Melon Balls
A refreshing summer starter!  Watermalon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon balls gently dipped in a 2Gingers whiskey and agave nectar bath
 Served with 2 Gingers and a rock (Ireland)

Course Two
Liffey Chips
Our Famous beer battered fish cut into bite size pieces and served with a Mandarian Asian sauce
 Served with Glenfarcalas 10 yr on the rocks with a lemon twist (Highlands)

Course Three
Galway Bay Salmon Plate
House cured Gravlox salmon served with a cucumber and caper relish, blue cheese spread, lettuce and house made Irish soda bread.        
Served with Dalmore 12 yr (Highlands)

Course Four
Bangers & Mash
Two traditional English Sausages server over mashed potatoes with a savory Guinness & onion gravy
Served with Redbreast 12 yr (Ireland) 

Course Five
Jameson Vanilla Pudding
House made vanilla pudding topped with a Jameson caramel whipped cream 
 with Two Fool's signature cocktail Fool's Gold, a perfect marriage of Old Forester bourbon, raw honey, & fresly squeezed lemon juice.  Shaken and served with one large ice cube.

Yum!  Hope you can join us so get your tickets today! In case you are wondering, a portion of your ticket price is tax deductible.  Fantastic!  For tickets email us at!  (substitute @ for _at_ and you got it).

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend's Ride 8/09: Up, Up, and Away!

Nine riders convened in the delicious coolness of the east side mountains at a lesiurely 7:30 am.  Today we were heading up - up to the top of the Sandia Crest.  This route is only a 28 mile out and back, 14 miles up but just shy of 4000' elevation gain.  The normal crew - Olga, Evil Gary, Good Gary, Greg, John, Captain Awesome, and Captain Snookums - were joined by a few riders we were happy to ride with again - Danielle and Brady!

Still smiling (but less than a mile in).
As we headed out, we quickly separated into A and B team, with Good Gary, John, and I representing the Bs.  I can't speak to exactly what happened for the A team, but I image it was something like this - "ugh, this sucks" and "can't wait to get to the top" and "I am super happy I do not weigh as much as Captain Snookums".  Sounds like they finished in about 2 hours from the bottom.  (14 miles/2 hours = 7 mph).
No photography tricks here.
Thanks to the miracle of photography, the blurs turned out to be Gary and Danielle
Just before the Killer B's made it to the top we started to see the A Team riders head down the hill.  We kept pushing forward knowing that the agony was almost over and the fun descent was about to begin. We rolled in about 3 hours after we started.  A quick calc gives 14 miles/3 hours = 4.7 mph.  Gravity is so mean - check this if you don't believe me.  After a few buggy minutes at the top basking in our achievement (literally, there were flies everywhere), we too headed back down the mountain.  This is always the best part - a long 14 mile descent.  My speeds this time topped out around 42 mph, despite the slight headwind in the last miles of the ride.  Was it worth the 3 hours of cycling for a thrilling 25 minute descent?  This is a question every rider must answer for themselves (but for me - maybe).

Here we see Fezzik standing beside some normal people at the top of the peak.
When we arrived back at the ride start we were greeting with a poster advertising the MS Ride and featuring very prominently our team from last year.  Go Domo!

The Penultimates are famous again!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend Ride: 8/2 - What is this water falling from the sky?

In the history of the Penultimates (4 years now) we have not had a ride in anything other than than bright blue sunny skies.  This is a luxury that most teams across the world do not have.  However, we are so used to our sunny and dry climate that no one embarking on Saturday's ride even bothered to check the weather before rolling into the parking lot of Smith's at Central and Tramway for our weekend ride to the East Mountains + Rollers - a perennial favorite.   
Smiling and shivering!
As I got out of my car, the thermometer read a chilly 63 deg.  (For the record, I vowed I was not going to complain at all, as last weeks ride was so, so hot.)  I met up with a confused (and cold) looking Evil Gary and Greg.  We started the ride sharply at 6:45 thinking a little cycling would get the blood going and get everyone warm!
Where is the blue?
The first leg of the ride takes you out of Albuquerque along the old Route 66 before heading south on Route 14.  The three of us headed out for the first 7 miles to meet up with some riders at the ranger station.  But before we had made it to the first stop, Craig,  in a heroic effort, had managed to catch up to us about half way up the canyon.  After a quick stop (cold!), we collected another rider, Peggy, and the 5 of us headed out for the next rally point.  
After a long 16 miles and 1800 feet of elevation gain, we pulled into the next stop for a chilly rally for food and drink.  We then headed out for the next part of the ride a quick jaunt through the country side before getting to 217 and heading north over the (in)famous rollers.  This part of the ride got contemplative as a gentle soft rain began to fall, making it very quiet as we slowly spread out over the rolling hills heading north.  (You may ask - contemplating what?  Why in the world am I riding in the rain?  Why did everyone else decide to sleep in?)
Just before we all started to separate on the rollers
Things got progressively more soggy as the rain picked up as we headed on the next 20 miles to the Triangle for the final stop before the last 12 mile drop down into Albuquerque.  It was at this point that I think everyone may have hit their (to quote Gary) peak miserableness.  We were all soaked, the temperature hovered around 60. Those of us with ample, let us just say "reserves", were feeling okay.  I was invigorated by the cold, but poor Greg, was so cold he had to hang out in the gas station warming himself by the hot dog roller! 
Staying alive by the warmth of the hot dog tray.
The last portion of the ride was very quick.  The road dried out soon after leaving the triangle, and as we descended the last few miles you could actually feel the air get warmer.  It was pretty fun too, as a stiff canyon winds sped us along.  Gary and I were keeping about a 30 mph pace on the last 5 miles of the ride, as we headed to Smiths.  The other unfortunate 3 had to head up Tramway to get home, but it was pretty warm back here in the city.  A fun 53 mile ride, that will live in Penultimate Legend!