Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Ride 6/17: A quick jaunt for coffee....

Yeah!  Training season!  Waking up before dawn!  Sore butts!  Sunburn!

Wait.  I need to make this sound appealing.

Yeah!  Training season!  Getting exercise! Meeting great people! Enjoying the sunrise! Adventure! Camaraderie! Exercise induced euphoria!

It's that time again!  We headed out for first training ride - a quick 26 mile ride up the diversion channel over to the diversion channel, then south on the Bosque trail until at mile 19 we hit up the wonderful Bike in Coffee.  We stopped there for some food and refreshments, before heading uphill on Indian School to get back on the Diversion Channel trail and then south and back to the beginning.

For a first ride we had an impressive turnout!  We had 22 riders join us for the ride, including 8 brand new riders to the Penultimates.  A great start to the 2017 training season.

Drinking and eating and resting and getting bit by mosquitos

The crew!

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