Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2016 Ride by the Numbers

Go Domo!
We had a fantastic 2016 season!  Our 7th year and going stronger than ever.  Lot of training rides, lots of new riders, lots of new friends.  The completion of the ride is always a little bittersweet - the culmination of a long summer of training pays off with some great scenery and great friendships.  The ride is over, but now we can sleep in on the weekend without guilt!

33 - total teammates (8 more than 2015!)
9 - new riders to the Bike MS: Pedal los Pueblos
2 - long lost return riders from years past (Yeah Trey and Chris!)
20 - riders who have done the ride >2 years
16 - riders who have done the ride >5 years!
Training season:
0 - number of bike free weekends since June 11 (team wide)
27 - number of riders on our largest training ride (Ride to Santa Fe!)
6 - new rookie riders
7 - Pokemon captured while training (not going to name names here however) 
         12 - training rides (ranging from 7-27 total riders)

         7850 - Miles of training (team wide)

At the MS Ride 2016:
25 - riders Day 1
23 - riders Day 2
6 - Brand new century riders! (Congrats Maria, David, Celeste, John, Jason, and Liz)
1 - Ambulance ride* (the worst thing about the weekend)
20 - riders to completed the Century ride Day 1!
21 - riders to make it to Puye Cliffs on Day 2
3250 miles rode a the BikeMS (team wide)
12 - top fundraisers (raised more than $1000 a piece!)
$26,281 (and counting) raised by the Penultimates in 2016! 
>$250,000 raised by the Penultimates in our 7 years of riding!

* Unfortunately we did have a rider crash this year.  Sounds like it was an unfortunate bump/bad luck upon making a turn.  A broken collar bone, a few cracked ribs, and a scraped up hand.  Luckily the injured rider had lots of support from their team, as we tended to her injuries and notified the Society to look for her husband, as the ambulance arrived. Cycling is always a risk, but considering how bad things could be with a bike accident we (collectively) were fortunate.   Unfortunately for her, she will be out for a bit, but has already planned for her return!  Be safe out there everyone, and happy healing to our rider!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend's Ride: The High Road to Santa Fe

This weekend's ride is was the my favorite ride of the season.  A long 60+ mile ride (route here) leaving from Albuquerque, heading out on old Route 66, before heading north on 14 on the scenic Turquoise Trail.  It ends with an epic lunch of New Mexican food at El Parasol, and then over to the Santa Fe Brewing taproom, before taking the Railrunner south back home.

By my count this is the 6th ride we have done to Santa Fe.  It was also the most people that headed out - a total of 27 riders headed out!  It always a wonderful time.  The ride itself is challenging, almost 4000' of elevation gain, but through such beautiful scenery recently greened by the summer monsoons.  It is also a fantastic team ride, great for getting to know all your fellow riders better.

This year we joined forces with another team - the Gearitos - for an epic adventure.  In addition to 6 wonderful and friendly riders, they graciously provided a sag vehicle stocked with water and snacks, and also gear bags for the all important change when we got there.  Cannot emphasis how nice it was to change out of sweaty bike clothes at the conclusion of the ride.

One of the highlights this year was beautiful weather - relatively cool (highs near the end topped out in mid 80s) with intermittent clouds, and delightful tailwind for the last 20 miles of the ride.  Probably the most excitement was near the conclusion of the ride as a summer storm blew through while we were enjoying a beer.  Massive rain, hail, lightning, thunder.  At this point we still had about another mile ride to the train stop, and needed to catch the 3:48 train or be stranded until 10 pm.  We were down to the last minutes as we headed toward the train stations just after the storm finished it's fury.  We still got soaked and cold, but it certainly made for an epic tale that will only become more legendary.

Good morning!

The assembled crew of 27 riders!

The heartbreak hill contingent.

At the brewery!

We all survived!