Saturday, April 25, 2015

New Jersey Designs!

The new special limited run jersey is designed and ready for pre-order!  We will be ordering these from Primal Wear (the company that makes the official ride jerseys).  Like I said before, these are limited edition, get your order in now or forever regret your decision.  Orders to me by 4/29.

Click on the picture above to zoom in.  In case you can't discern, the trophy says "Not the last".

They will be unisex jersey (Primal's sport cut jersy, sizing guide here).  The minimum order if 15, above that in multiples of 10 (i.e. 25, 35, 45).  If we can get to 15 jerseys, we can do a block of 10 women's jerseys.  The price will be ~$65, and a 15% of the order will come back to our team. 

There is a minimum of 15 required, and right now there are 7 spoken for.  Once the first 15 are ordered, we will need to get to 25 for the next block of orders.  So if you want one, first come first served.  So if you are interested, please email to get yours!