Sunday, May 19, 2013

Training season 2013

Mark your calendars!  Here is the mostly complete training schedule for the 2013 year. The general plan is that if you ride this long ride schedule plus maybe get a few extra rides in you will be ready for the full MS150 at the end of August.   We will also be doing a short training ride on each Sunday too that will build to ~50 miles by the end of the season, so those that want to ride the short ride can get some team rides in too.  For those of you new to the team, riding is great, but riding with a team is so much more fun!  As always, following most of the rides we will be doing a team breakfast at Serafin's in Nob Hill (our wonderful jersey sponsor from last year).

Half way up to the Crest and still smiling!  2012 season
The schedule (all are on Saturdays unless otherwise noted - the last 2 weekends are doubled up): All rides will leave from O'Neill's on Central as early as we can (most rides 6 am).

6/29         Potential Inner city loop - diversion   36.7
7/6 Modified city loop CCW                36.7
7/13   City Loop CW                                   53 miles
7/20   Jemez Dam                                        65
7/27   South 14 + rollers                               65
8/3   Crest Assault (from Tri)                     26
8/10         Ride to Placitas                                 66
8/17 Santa Fe (north on 14, train home)    72.4
8/18  Sun Modified City loop CW                    35
8/24   The Ride

Monday, May 6, 2013

Smarty Party 2013

Our second annual Smarty Party went off without a hitch on Saturday night!  Six teams and 28 players were vying for the top prize, and bragging rights, as they fought through 8 rounds of trivia.  Our fabulous host, Dan Mayfield, made a return appearance as MC and kept the evening moving along.  Trivia rounds included: infamous cheaters, gross ingredients in processed foods, real or fake TV shows, and "We are all gonna die!: Contagions, Distasters, and Instruments of Mass Destruction".  Probably the toughest round for the participants was the audio round which featured classical covers of famous pop songs.  Who would have guessed that U2 is impossible to recognize when played by a symphony?  In addition to the fiendishly devilish questions, the teams were alternately informed and quizzed with questions specific to MS.

For the first few rounds of the evening the teams kept things pretty close.  By round four two teams started to seperate from the rest:  the Suspicious Moles and the Strippers.  They exchanged places through the next few rounds, but in the end the Strippers won the prize!  Every member got a $40 gift certificate to Scalo Northern Grill, their picture with the Golden Domo, and a fantastic rice crispy Domo (handcrafted by Blythe) for immediate consumption by the winning team!  All members of the second place team won $20 in gift certificates to O'Neill's on Central.  The rest of the teams, in addition to having a wonderful time, also got Domo cupcakes for participating.

It was a great evening and fun was had by all.  We sold out all 10 of our gift bags full of donated prizes by local businesses (see our sponsor page here).  All told we raised about $2000 in the fight against MS!

The Golden Domo and the rice crispy treat Domo!

The host with the most! 
The Stripers - the victors of the evening!
Poor Domo

Friday, May 3, 2013

We love our sponsors!

These businesses have kindly supported our fundraising efforts this year. Please thank these local businesses by visiting their shops!  (Will be updated as we go through the season, so check back often!)