Monday, March 16, 2015

Special 5 year jersey

We are making a special one time run of a 5 year anniversary jersey.  We will be pairing with Primal Wear to make the jersey (the same company that makes the official Bike MS jerseys).  They make a really nice quality jersey and as a bonus, they donate 15% of the costs back to our team!

We need a minimum of 15 jerseys, and they will be ~$60 a piece.  They will be unisex jerseys, the same style and fit of the MS jerseys.

The ideas so far.  Keep in mind these are just style ideas, colors are not fixed, we can rework any details at this point.  We are soliciting ideas for the jersey!  You have an idea, let us know.  For a fun way to generate different color combinations, check out this link here.  (For jersey number 2, imagine that instead of a tiki person, we replace that with a stylized domo)


We are again soliciting local businesses for jersey sponsorships.  We have 5 spots available, the left and right arms, and the 3 pockets.  If you have a local business that you think would like to sponsor us, let us know!