Monday, June 30, 2014

Team Jerseys

Attention new riders!  We have team jerseys that you can purchase if you so desire.  It is a pretty great looking jersey, very bright, and is a typical biking jersey with zippered front and pockets on the back. If you are new to biking this might make a great addition to your biking wardrobe.

Our professional, but unpaid, models/teammates.
What?  You too want to be sporting one of these spiffy jerseys for this years Bike MS150?  No problem.  Jerseys are $50 a piece and can be ordered by following the instructions below.  
  1. Look at the size charts here.  Measure yourself, measure existing jerseys that fit well, look at the chart, and remeasure.  Onus is on you guys to fit yourself.  (Note there are 3 fits that you can choose - relaxed, racing, or women's).
  2. Email your size and jersey type selection to

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